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Benz - Lydia Brownfield - Absolutely Free - Koka - aloric

Benz - I Never Thought That This Would Be The End. Ebba Salomonsson (Benz) grew up in her stepfather's record store where she explored endless different influences and styles. Benz have now signed to Rama Lama Records (Melby, Wy, Chez Ali etc.) and is back with another collection of songs packed with her playful and diverse psych-tinged indie folk, its a sound where Benz with big confidence lets her music both be direct and breathe - creating a musical soundscape for the listener to get swept away in. The new EP 'This Could Be The End' is out on November 5th. Lead single 'I Never Thought That This Could Be The End', an up-tempo indie folk track about "two friends that make eachother go crazy", is out now alongside a music video made by Ebba G. Ågren (Wy) and produced by Feverish. Thematically, the EP treats a broken relationship. But this is not your usual romantic sad-break-up-indie, as the lyrics tell the story about breaking up with an old friend. Ebba

Globe Trotting: Woodes - Velvet Bow - Elijah Ford - Aloric

Woodes - The Thaw.  Background promo - Acclaimed Melbourne based artist/producer Woodes releases her new single 'The Thaw', following on from her debut solo single 'Daggers & Knives’ which was added to radio rotations and praised online in Australia and beyond. With the new single 'The Thaw’; Woodes creates another powerfully beautiful track, combining her poetic lyrics with a textured production to construct a song set in a wintery realm. Woodes will be hitting the road this August as she joins Dustin Tebutt as the support act for his 'First Light' Australian national tour. Her previous single 'Daggers & Knives' has ticked over 250,000 total plays and was been added to rotation on; triple j unearthed, FBi Radio, SYN, profiled on Spotify Australia and various US college radio stations. Woodes has previously been in the spotlight for her collaborative EP with producer Elkkle, garnering instantaneous praise across the radio and blog-o-sphere in A