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Grizzly Coast - Dancing On Tables - The Reverse - We Three Kings - Sea Offs - Ethel & The Chordtones

Grizzly Coast shares 'Forever' a slower paced and melodic indie rocker where both guitar and vocals vie for attention. === Scottish pop-rock band Dancing On Tables just released 'Not To Need You' a song that's packed with musical hooks from start to finish. === There is no shortage of passion on the new song from The Reverse entitled 'Crush My Chest With Your Hate' it's a powerful indie rocker. === We Three Kings cut to the chase with 'S’alright (G.O.T.I.T)' a full on and wonderful rock & roll explosion from the opening riffs. === Sea Offs latest single is 'For Familiarity's Sake' and it's a beautiful modern folk piece from songwriters Olivia Price and Rashmit Arora. === Ethel & The Chordtones have released 'Make You Mine' a timeless and gorgeous song with retro vibes and plenty of energy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Grizzly Coast - Forever. Fr