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Oya Paya - The Chats - Matt Perriment - Kate Schell

It would be easy to get carried away with the multi-national make up of Oya Paya, or even their genre spanning musical styles, but as 'Fly' demonstrates, they make very fine music which is cool enough for starters. The Chats video for 'Pub Feed' is coming up towards 250 thousand views in just five days, it's fun, their music vibrant and full of youthful energy - makes me feel my age and some. By contrast Matt Perriment shares a tender folk song that exudes emotion and feeling. Kate Schell's new album 'Past Present Future' is quite splendid, her singer-songwriter talents shining through, along with her artful musicianship. Oya Paya - Fly. Based out of Liverpool, but counting four countries of heritage amongst the three members (Singapore, France, Iran, England) Ashwin, Maxime and Saam AKA Oya Paya are products of both the vastness of the material world and the intimate interconnectivity the internet brings. Beleaguered by geographical distance af