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Carmanah - Eleri Angharad - Reliant Tom - NIIKA

Carmanah new song 'Best Interests' is a soulful and expansive rocker that slowly lets it's musical hooks dig in deep. === From Swansea, Wales Eleri Angharad has shared 'Blank Walls' where her beautiful vocals are notable on this singer-songwriter piece. === Our second feature this year for Reliant Tom comes in the form of 'The Sky Is Falling' which has some post rock vibes as it builds in intensity and refinement. === from NIIKA we have her brand new song 'The Cage' along with a very fine animated video, the track itself is centered around some mesmerizing vocals and a sophisticated musical backdrop. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Carmanah - Best Interests. Like the rainforests from which their name derives, the steady beat of the west coast can be found within the sound of Carmanah. From muddy blues-funk to light soaring melodies, Carmanah creates music that curves and tumbles throu

Moddi - The Maes - Eleri Angharad - Elisa Kate

Last summer Beehive Candy were mightily impressed by Moddi's 'Unsongs' album, and it is with absolute pleasure that we share his new single 'Kriegspiel'. The Maes style of contemporary folk reminds me in part of Kate and Anna McGarrigle, and if that's not a compliment, what is?  Eleri Angharad vocals are a delight as are her songs, the two included below being our case in point. From Australia we have Elisa Kate, another singer-songwriter with that something extra, that sets her music apart. Moddi - Kriegspiel. Pål Moddi Knutsen reflects on the influence that previous album ‘Unsongs’ had on the new single; “through the work on Unsongs, I learned that when someone wants you to shut up about something, it is usually something important that they’re trying to hide. Therefore, I wrote this song not only to Frode Berg, but to all who become victims of the politics shadow play”  ‘Kriegspiel’ was originally written in connection with the performance artist Mort