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Candid - Espanola - Katie Rose

Coventry, England's Candid have just released 'Concrete Jungle' where the band deliver an indie rocker fuelled by exuberance, mega hooks and good old natural rock and roll intensity.   The self titled album from Espanola is a festival of guitar driven rockers, with the focus on what feels right and good, rather that an album in pursuit of perfection, which in a sense is also a reasonable definition of what rock was originally all about. The new single form Katie Rose is entitled 'Beginnings', a song that tackles anxiety and depression, doing so with a majestic musical arrangement and the very fine vocals of Katie. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Candid - Concrete Jungle. Backed by the likes of BBC Introducing and Fred Perry, Candid are fittingly honest when they come to describing their sound – music to dance to. On their forthcoming single, ‘Concrete Jungle’, the