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Wednesday Rock Blast: The Lost Poets - This Party

The Lost Poets - Insubordia Pt. II. Background bio - The Lost Poets - a mysterious dark impact from Sweden. Their faces are unknown and covered by a tar like substance. Wearing top hats and suits. Even though strange and dark, the music is full of beautiful melodies, positive elements and unique vocals. The Lost Poets originates from Stockholm, Sweden. Their only release is an EP from 2014 "Insubordia", and the single "Mouth". Both received raving reviews internationally and in a very short time they have become hugely sought after.They are to be included in Dolph Lundgrens forthcoming feature film "Without YouI'm Nothing" and they opened for "Volto" (Tool drummer Danny Carey's band) at the infamous Viper Room on Sunset Boulevard merely weeks after arriving to Los Angeles. The Lost Poets are also currently working on the short film "Tales from Insubordia" and the children's book (!) "The Lost Poets". The Los