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Eileen Carey - Certain Animals - Kiwi Jr. - Green and Glass

Eileen Carey has just released a video for 'Finally' the single originally released back in November. It's been a while since we last featured Eileen, the new video is a fine reminder of her creative ability to mix country, pop and rock together seamlessly. === We featured Certain Animals a couple of times in the latter months of 2019 and now it's a pleasure to share 'Songs To Make You Move' another stylish rocker from the Rotterdam based trio. === Kiwi Jr. return here just three months after we featured 'Salary man' this time we a video for 'Gimme More' another catchy tease ahead of debut album 'Football Money' set for release on January 17th. === Make a note to check out the debut and self titled album from Green and Glass due out on February 14. Comprising of eleven absolutely stunning tracks of which we have 'Gabriel' to enjoy today, this avant pop band really have something special going on. -------------------------------

Thyla - Lilla Parasit - Kiwi Jr.

Thyla have returned with their newest release 'Two Sense'. Last year we featured the band four times as they consistently impressed us with some real stand out material, now they return with a high octane alt rocker with plenty of the Thyla characteristics such as passion, commitment and rocking hooks.  From the Swedish band Lilla Parasit we have 'Gaslights' which mixes some subtle psychedelic vibes with a mixture of indie folk and rock the combination working really well, it's a little Lo-Fi and its rather catchy. Canadian band Kiwi Jr. have just shared their first international single 'Salary Man' and have an album due in January next year. Accompanied with a video Salary man is a fabulous and slightly quirky song, the vocals and lyrics are superb and the bands tight musical delivery a perfect match. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thyla - Two Sense. Positioning themselves at the forefro