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Layla Frankel - Postcards From The Moon (E.P). With a musical style that pays homage to the spirit of the late, great Etta James (according to the site Rock at Night), Layla Frankel moved to Nashville in 2017 when she was fresh off a cross-country tour.  Her new EP Postcard From the Moon includes the single “You Can't Love Me Like I Loved You,” which was selected as a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Postcard From the Moon was recorded at Startstruck Studios in Nashville, produced and mixed by Jim Kimball (who has toured and recorded with an extensive roster of artists that includes Reba McEntire, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and Justin Timberlake), engineered by Todd Tidwell and the executive producer was Mary Johnson. The EP also features some of Nashville's top session players. Postcard from the Moon by Layla Frankel ============================================================================ Charly Lowry + The Heart Collectors - Navigating to Hope. The next vid

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Layla Frankel - To Disregard. Background - Born in Los Angeles and raised in a musical family in Chicago, Folk/Soul songwriter and vocalist Layla Frankel has been delighting audiences of all ages for as long as she can remember. A performer from a young age, she appeared on her father, Joel Frankel’s, children’s records and often joined him on stage.  As a teenager, with her formal training in choirs and range of musical influences, Layla began composing songs and quickly developed her own vocal style.  She later attended the University of Illinois where she started as a jazz studies major with a vocal concentration, but soon realized that her passion lay not only in music, but in songwriting. She began to focus on creative writing and poetry while also singing in big bands and jazz combos - gaining experience as a songwriter and as a band leader.  Between 2013 to 2015, Layla honed her craft as a songwriter, creating a body of music including the tracks on her debut EP, Tame the Fo