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Zoe Polanski - Eric Bolander - Jordan Lehning

Zoe Polanski has just released a new single 'Pharoah's Island' and it's an introduction to the forthcoming 'Violent Flowers' album due in July, the song itself is a mixture of ambient and dream pop styles and it's beautiful. == Eric Bolander has a new single entitled 'Magic Moon' which is a refreshing slice of Americana with some refined rock vibes. === Jordan Lehning shares 'Oolaloom' ahead of his next album, Jordan states that the track "acts as a prologue in the story of 'Little Idols'" (the album), it's also a fine taster for the collection. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Zoe Polanski - Pharoah's Island. Zoe Polanski has released a new single "Pharoah's Island." The single features Polanski’s hypnotic vocals and shimmering guitar paired with electronic producer Aviad Zinemana Zinemanas’ blend of implied rhythms, soft percussion