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Rev Rev Rev - Arlo Parks - Eyesore and The Jinx - Toronto Tabla Ensemble - Freezing Cold - Sara Ontaneda

Rev Rev Rev are back for a second appearance here with a new video and song '3 Not 3', a sub three minute blast of primal rock, with the vocals buried deep into the mix, this is pretty hypnotic music. Arlo Parks shares a video for 'Second Guessing' a smooth and refined song where her beautiful vocals are surrounded by a gently rhythmic soundtrack. Liverpool trio Eyesore and The Jinx new song is 'Leisure Time'. The vocals menace and dare you to not pay attention as the band deliver some potent rock hooks. We are always on the look out for original and different music and Toronto Tabla Ensemble track 'Dream Symposium' is just incredible as is the video. We have the full debut album from Freezing Cold which is entitled 'Glimmer'. The bands music is somewhere between alt and indie rock, and they carve out a consistent band sound, the vocals are really good for their musical style and the musicianship is tight and shifts from full on rock to