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GREY \\ WATER - The fin. - Tom Rosenthal - Guts - Tom Walters

GREY \\ WATER - Jimmy. Background - GREY \\ WATER is a culmination of close friends blending their influences to create one distinct sound.  As a band they wanted to create a song that challenged them to maintained their DIY spirit, while recording new material at a studio for the first time. To delve into a variety of creative processes.  Lead singer Charlotte Grace Victoria's thoughts on the song: "I feel as though the story of Jimmy and his significant other reflects the same idea. On the surface, there is a couple in the midst of honeymoon love, yet along with that, there is an undertone of the pressure to change and evolve into something new." Facebook here . Some brisk and bright guitar lead music introduces 'Jimmy'. When the beautiful vocals join in, the songs emotional feel deepens, and the melodic hooks really dig in. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tuesday Mix: Lauren April - The fin. - Wendy James

Lauren April - Picture On The Wall. Background promo - At the forefront of the bustling Country Music scene in the UK, Lauren April launches herself to the top of the most promising new artist’s lists with the remarkable debut single “Picture On The Wall”, released Monday 16th May 2016. “Picture On The Wall” comes from a very personal place, showcasing April’s unique ability to connect with audiences through her vivid storytelling and prolific song writing. The debut single resonates with emotive, relatable stories of the lessons learned in love and with tension building musicianship that oozes with modern flair. Lauren was discovered after astounding audiences with her souring vocals and her ability to connect at open-mic nights in her home town of Nottingham. Word soon spread leading to spins from BBC Introducing, nationwide airplay across all regional BBC Radio stations on Mark Forrest’s evening show and Nottingham Trent University Radio becoming keen supporters of the 20-yea