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Stav G - Fruition - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Stav G - My Sheltered Room. Background - Stav​ ​G​ ​​is announcing her new single “My​ ​Sheltered​ ​Room​” due out in early January. The recent NYC​ ​​transplant offers a scathing attack on the machinations of war and an open desire for dialogue and coexistence amongst people. All this is delivered with her signature mix of venom and melody. Growing up in a musical environment, Stav ​G​ ​​knew from a young age she wanted to bea voice teacher. She focussed on music during her High School years and continued her education at the Rimon College of Contemporary Music.  After studying voice pedagogy and performing in multiple ensembles, Stav​ ​​went on to study at the Complete Vocal Institute in Denmark, where she graduated as a certified CVT teacher. In the meantime she also became the songwriter and leader of the indie-rock band Malinka​, as well as the indie-pop duo Stav​ ​&​ ​Roni​ ​​both of whom toured widely. The upcoming debut album was produced by Stav​ alongside with Avi​ ​

Shelley Segal - VHS Collection - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Shelley Segal - Somebody Like You. Background - LA-based, Australian songwriter Shelley Segal has announced her latest single Somebody Like You, a rock-infused, in-your-face song about a relationship interrupted. Somebody Like You is a heavy track, and not just in sound; it details the trauma of being told by family that your relationship must end for the sake of religion – in short, it’s the perfect song to release in the midst of the polarising and supremely topical same sex marriage debate. Electric guitars wail and drums propel the song forward with a strength that Shelley has harnessed herself, as the chorus soars to the heights of her vocal range.  Somebody Like You soundtracks a confusing, difficult time in Shelley’s life, as she explains, “When I was 18 years old my family told me I needed to break up with my partner because he wasn't Jewish - in line with our religious traditions. I chose to fight for the relationship with my then-partner, leaving home