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Lauran Hibberd - UV - Seablite

Lauran Hibberd returns for a seventh time here with her brand new song 'Frankie's Girlfriend'. It's a full blown rocker and contrasts well with her previous material, her knack for creating hook filled tunes remaining intact. Just over a month since she first appeared on Beehive Candy Marina Elderton aka UV returns with 'Blind Deities'. Her vocals are once again enticing and emotive and the ambient synth backdrop matches so well. Seablite have a colourful new video for 'Pillbox' a zesty upbeat song that packs melodic energy into this sub three minute whirlwind of music. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lauran Hibberd - Frankie's Girlfriend. Enigmatic Isle Of Wight sensation Lauran Hibberd continues her remarkable ascent with infectious new single Frankie’s Girlfriend, and announces the arrival of debut EP Everything is Dogs, set for release 20th Septe

Annabel Allum - UV - ​Kyle Craft & Showboat Honey - We Are Strangers

It's our fifth feature for Annabel Allum in just over a year and we don't mind! The Guildford (UK) artist continues to deliver impressive and driven songs packed full of hooks, the more the merrier as far as I am concerned. UV 's vocals are striking and emotive whilst the ambient musical backdrop gives them even more exposure on 'Wilt' a powerful and intriguing song. ​Kyle Craft & Showboat Honey have just shared 'Deathwish Blue' along with a video, it's a dreamy, atmospheric and pleasing power ballad and it's hard to resist a second play. Finally we have seven songs to enjoy on We Are Strangers new E.P. It's hard to categorise the music and yet it also has the conundrum of a timeless feel on some of the songs, whatever, give it a listen this is very good music. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Annabel Allum - When The Wind Stopped. It’s beco