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Union Duke - Lynne Hanson - Winnie Raeder - Ausecuma Beats

Back in July we shared ' Ladidadida' by Union Duke and they return with their latest release 'Atlas Of Love' where the mixture of rock, roots and refined modern country, comes across with ease and style. === Lynne Hanson has released 'True Blue Moon' a gorgeously natural slice of warm Americana. === London-based singer-songwriter, Winnie Raeder , shares her new single 'She' which is a beautiful song, her vocals exude emotion, the production is excellent. === Ausecuma Beats are a delight with their international musical flavour's shining brightly through 'Aida' a song that demands body movement however good or bad your sense of rhythm is. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Union Duke - Atlas Of Love. Some songs come along which seem so perfect, it makes you doubt they haven’t existed forever. Atlas of Love is the latest release from Union Duke, a band who have cemented themsel