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Holly Redford Jones - Cat Princess

Just a couple of artists today starting with Holly Redford Jones and her superb new song 'Bonjour Madame', a sultry country rocker with plenty of feeling. It's our third feature for Cat Princess this year as their good humoured new song 'Rocko's Theme' takes us on a journey into some cinema day's of the eighties. Holly Redford Jones - Bonjour Madame. London-based songwriter Holly Redford Jones just released the slow-burner country-rock single "Bonjour Madame." The track displays Redford-Jones' toughness and grit, telling the narrative of the "every-woman" just trying to get by. Holly Redford Jones defies convention and expectation. Raised in Chesterfield, UK, to a non-musical family, she began playing guitar at age 11. Redford-Jones attended her local high school and struggled to keep up in class due to dyslexia (she really did quit that French GCSE). Nonetheless, she went on to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the