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Kraftwerk - Toccata Electronica 1995

Reloaded 14/May/2015 One of my favourite 'unofficial' recordings by any artist. The various remixes are clearly very professional and also quite intriguing. The bands minimalist approach on their website and other searches I have made don't give much away about this recording. It is clear however that some mainstream music websites are unaware this was never officially released by the band.  ----------------------------------------------- Toccata Electronica is possibly the most stunning bootleg of Kraftwerk ever 'released'. Comprising of rare and different remixes of many well known Kraftwerk songs this bootleg first surfaced in 1995 as a CD with professional looking packaging and high quality audio. Different pressings including differing artwork and CD labels are in circulation however the front cover is usually the one shown opposite. On one CD version the band are called 'Kundendienst' and Kraftwerk are not mentioned on this CD at all. On anothe

Kraftwerk - Tokyo 1981

This is the second concert from Kraftwerk during their 1981 tour, to be featured on B eehive Candy. The tour itself, was more or less divided into two parts. The first tour started May 19th, 1981 at Apollo Teatro, Firenze in Italy and kept going until they had played in Bombay, India on September 25th. Then they went back to Europe and enjoyed a small break until November 19th when they started a smaller tour with concerts mostly in Germany. The last concert was held in the venue Zeppelin in Bremen, on December 14th. During the year 1981 Kraftwerk performed on more than 80 occasions in 16 countries. This recording is from their performance in Tokyo, Japan at the Nakano Sun Plaza on the 7th September 1981. It has been circulated I understand, as "Virtu ex Machina", and the set list (edited, however a large part of the show nonetheless) is as follows: 01 - Beethoven (Intro

Kraftwerk - Live In London 1981

This is Kraftwerk live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, on the 3rd July 1981. This is one of those annoying 'I was there' posts, yep that may be me somewhere in the crowd cheering, applauding or yelping, and why not, it was one of the best live concerts I have ever attended - not a comment I make lightly! Everything about them was refreshing. Ralf Hutter's occasional ad lib's and his sheer intensity at times as he sung. The use of electronic drum pads, and the whole tightness & rhythm of the band. The simpler & very different lighting for that period, a generous helping of neon would you believe? The uncanny resembling dummies, or was that robots? Letting the audience join in during the encore using handheld devices (circa pocket calculator). Most of all it was the underlying humour, the knowing smiles between each other that became laughter if one of them got something wrong. I expected technical efficiency, I got a band playing live and roc