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Siv Jakobsen - Deux Furieuses - The Steele Syndicate - Laveda

Siv Jakobsen - Romain's Place. Acclaimed Norwegian singer-songwriter Siv Jakobsen announces her third album 'Gardening' will be released on 20th January 2023 via The Nordic Mellow and shares new single "Romain's Place". The new single follows recently shared tracks "Birthday" and "Most Of The Time" - all of which are set to feature on new album 'Gardening'. Throughout her career, Siv Jakobsen has lived much of her life on the road, in that time supporting and touring with acts including Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Damien Jurado, José González, The Lumineers and Susanne Sundfør. New single "Romain's Place" was written in the midst of one such tour, inadvertently re-opening a door she'd previously thought firmly closed. A starkly beautiful examination of a previous relationship haunting one's subconscious, Jakobsen's precise and affecting lyrics ("For every time you screamed my way / I’ve kept a bruise /

deux furieuses - The Soft Underground - Rocket - CVC

We have carried the previous three singles from the album, now deux furieuses share the fourth 'Let Them Burn' just a few days ahead of the full release. Well the post punk come full throttle rockers once again impress, this is going to be some album. It's back to July 2018 for our only other feature for The Soft Underground however 'Voicoder' from the art rock duo makes for a creative and pleasing return and a superb teaser for next months 'Anemoia' album release. LA-based quintet Rocket share 'Giants' and the new Mark Needham Mix. It's feisty and potent pop punk that's packed with hooks, they are apparently quite something to catch live. CVC are from South Wales and have just released 'Jungle Fever' where the six-piece slacker funk outfit are just superb, their reputation as a live act is spreading fast around Cardiff, this song deserves to get them noticed further afield. -------------------------------------------------

deux furieuses - Walrus - Mieko Shimizu - The Naked Sun

deux furieuses are back for a third time this year with 'My War Is Your War'. Once again the duo are impressive, the subject matter is conveyed with suitable darkness and a sense of brooding passion. Garage psych band Walrus have just released 'Half Smoke' where the video matches the song, and the unpretentious rock vibes are just right. Mieko Shimizu shares a highly creative and imaginative song entitled 'Me My Ghost'. Described as avante-garde electronica, it's all of that and gently but most definitely addictive.  The Naked Sun new single 'Secret We Don't Know' exudes roots rock beauty, the band describe their music as honest rock, a definition that makes honest sense, they are also honestly talented in their craft. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ deux furieuses - My War Is Your War. deux furieuses return with ‘My War is Your War’, the third single to be released from th

Deux Furieuses - North Mississippi Allstars - Rev Rev Rev

We were introduced to Deux Furieuses just a month ago, and they are back with 'Civilians', the second song share from their forthcoming album 'My War Is Your War'. It's a striking rocker with plenty of punk determination and a potent riff that is impossible to ignore. North Mississippi Allstars have shared a video for 'Up And Rolling' the title track from their scheduled October album release, and it's a gorgeous mixture of soulful blues and natural roots rock, it's also an almighty teaser for the album! Rev Rev Rev new single 'One Illusion Is Very Much Like Another' is accompanied by an intriguing video, as the bands mix of psych and shoegaze is given a clever visual interpretation, that said, the song remains solid and stands on it's own feet. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deux Furieuses - Civilians. Civilians is the second instant gratification track - following t

Heavy Heart - Deux Furieuses - The Ghosts - Curse Of Lono - Earth Girl Helen Brown

Heavy Heart have a new release entitled 'Cry Ice'. Combining melodic dream pop with hints of alt rock that gradually builds, this is a gently paced track that begs for a second listen. 'Year Of Rage' by Deux Furieuses is a high octane rocker that packs emotion and power as this duo combine to create some potent rock and roll. The Ghosts have shared 'We Lie To Ourselves' accompanied by an imaginative video that works so well with the song. Musically there is a fresh indie rock feel, it's no surprise that the band are attracting plenty of attention.  This is our second Curse Of Lono 'Live at Toe Rag Studios' feature, last month we shared 'Blackout Fever' and they return now with ' I'd Start A War For You', which is another refined and mellow Americana styled song. Earth Girl Helen Brown return for a sixth time on Beehive Candy, this time with an E.P. called 'Uranus' plus a video for 'Oh! What A War' an epi