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John Lennon - Alternative Mind Games and Shaved Fish

Reloaded 01/June/2015 - When I was much, much younger, I remember being asked on a number of occasions, who my favourite Beatle was? The years pass by and I guess the same question goes around with the latest charting boy bands today, probably the age group asking is much younger and the lifespan of the bands are possibly shorter. The reality was I never had a favourite, I just wished they had stayed together longer, there had to be a couple of more exceptional albums in them at least, surely? However my opinion is that John Lennon bared his soul and his grievances far more than any other member and that lead to some stunning solo material. Hearing again how they were formed into songs remains fascinating for me, by the number of visits this recording gets on Beehive Candy, I am clearly not alone. As you probably know , The Beatles and their component parts, are probably the most bootlegged band in the world. One constant theme seems to be 'alternative' album versions and t