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Dylan Brierley - Briana Dinsdale - The School Book Depository - The Sonder Bombs

Dylan Brierley - Not Alone. From Dylan - "My name is Dylan Brierley and I am a singer/songwriter. I have been performing covers and my own songs for around 10 years. I am currently releasing 6 new singles for my E.P." Now an established acoustic singer, guitarist and songwriter, Dylan is completely at home as an entertainer. His music has a unique style he really shines when delivering his own music. “Not Alone”  was written from a very strange time in my life when lots of things were changing very quickly, but the people around me helped me get through. I wrote this because I think it could help a lot of people.  Dylan Brierley · NOT ALONE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Briana Dinsdale - Ball and Chain. At only 17 years old, Briana Dinsdale is an emerging country music singer-songwriter based in Brisbane, Australia. She has been singing since she was 8 and writing since she was 10. She tells stories about her pe

Les Flâneur - The Sonder Bombs - Imogen Mahdavi

Les Flâneur brand new album 'A Long Season' is simply breathtaking. Comprising of eight rich and creative songs featuring a variety of guest vocalists this really is impressive, touching and engaging music that will appeal to a wide range of music lovers, as it takes us from dream pop moments, through to more dramatic pieces ===== The Sonder Bombs return just a month since we shared 'What Are Friends For?' with another new single entitled 'Crying Is Cool' where the melodic hooks are again everywhere on this refined alt rocker. ===== London-based singer-songwriter Imogen Mahdavi has just released 'Some Things Are Best Over Said' a song that showcases her distinctive falsetto vocals wonderfully, this is one highly addictive track. =================================================== Les Flâneur - A Long Season (Album). Five years of working, three languages, artists from many different countries, and even Continents. So this album was born, not out of am

The Sonder Bombs - Ashley Barron

The Sonder Bombs have just released their feisty two minute plus alt rocker 'What Are Friends For?' and it's packed with some refreshingly "play me again" hooks. === Ashley Barron shares 'Let Me Go' where country rock and quality pop creatively rub shoulders within this determined and passionately delivered song.   ================================================ The Sonder Bombs - What Are Friends For? Midwesterner upstarts The Sonder Bombs have just announced signing to Big Scary Monsters in the UK/EU with new track ‘What Are Friends For?’ Produced in Philadelphia during quarantine with Joe Reinhart (Hop Along, Beach Bunny), their new track captures a band burning at both ends. The Sonder Bombs are often at their most direct and dynamic when they get mad, but here they’re getting even before toppling the scale. Lead singer Willow Hawks entertains the question ‘What Are Friends For?’ while the background smoulders around the punctuation – Hawks’ agile