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Sofia Härdig - Hazel Mei - Anna Farrow - B.Knox

Sofia Härdig has shared a new song entitled 'Infatuation'. We've had the pleasure of featuring Sofia a few times since 2016, her feisty and passionate rock always stands out, and with a new album on the way (The Big Hush) it's a welcome return for this energised rocker. From Hazel Mei we have 'It Is(n't) Real' a highly desirable indie folk song. There is a little hint of jazz and indie rock in the mix which gives the piece some real edge as do the musical hooks. Franco-Brittanic (that's French-English - but you know that) artist Anna Farrow has just released a video for 'Boys & Girls'. It's a vibrant pop song and charming video, I am guessing the original promo was written in "Franco" and even with a little spell checking by us, it still brings a smile to my face. B.Knox has a new single 'Corners' which includes the B side 'Stars and Burnt Bridges'. His vocals are just perfect for old time roots music righ