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Fletcher Gull - Darrin Bradbury - The Needs - Moddi

Fletcher Gull has shared a beautiful song entitled 'Hypothermia'. A personal account of enduring in sub zero temperatures, if you excuse the well intentioned pun, this song exudes warmth and feeling. We featured the title track from his forthcoming album earlier this month, however Darrin Bradbury is more than welcome back with another taster called 'Breakfast', where once again his lovable humour and observations are very engaging. The Needs latest single 'Hey Wake Up' is a smooth and pleasing indie pop track and a fine indicator for their debut album due out early next month. Our fourth feature for Moddi is the enchanting 'New Dawn'. Moddi produces modern folk of the highest calibre, his passion and commitment is second to none and the beauty of his music is quite stunning. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fletcher Gull - Hypothermia. When one life ends another has already happe

Trace Decay - Darrin Bradbury - Winona Oak - Ted Z and The Wranglers

Trace Decay have released a very fine indie pop - rock song entitled 'Passivity', where their gliding vocals, smooth guitar work and layered synths make the most of this hook filled track. From Darrin Bradbury we have 'Talking Dogs & Atom Bombs' the title track and one of eleven on the album. His lyrics are wry and so engaging and his delivery reminiscent of a younger John Prine on this sublime song, a real teaser if ever there was for an album. Winona Oak  might be up in the millions in terms of song streams and hardly in need of our support but 'Break My Broken Heart' is just to good to miss out on, so we haven't. Americana with a buzz was my first impression for Ted Z and The Wranglers and their new song 'Guests On Sunday Morning', it's also my second impression and that's good enough. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trace Decay - Passivity. Arriving with their in