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Rorie - The Endangered Species - The Luckies

Rorie has released 'Train' the lead single ahead of her debut full-length album, ​'Valley in the Mirror​', due in January 2020.The mixture of synth pop and Rorie's melodic and impassioned vocals is special, at times there is a hint of country music in her voice, which gives the song further identity. Less than a couple of weeks since we first featured The Endangered Species they are back with 'Mirror On The Wall' another really fine alt rocker. Again the vocals have that natural rock feel to them, the song has a slow pace, however the expansive atmospheric vibe really does give this song some real edge. The Luckies song 'Whirlpool' is one of nine tracks on their 'East Of Eden' album,  it was also included on an E.P last year and it's a magnificent example of the Montreal based roots bands superb and varied music. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rorie - Train. Rorie​