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Nico and Tangerine Dream - France 1974

This is Nico & Tangerine Dream recorded live at the Cathedrale Notre-Dame, Reims, France, way back on the 13th December 1974. This recording was sourced from the a broadcast of the event on France Inter Radio and has been widely circulated as a silver CD boot. The majority of this recording is of Nico performing solo with a Harmonium (she was the supporting artist) however over time Tangerine Dream seem to have been 'upped' considerably in the credits. The venues audio characteristics along with Nico's haunting style have a significant effect on this recording that as a result produced music of a timeless and fascinating nature. included this event in a list of 10 Infamous Concerts and had the following to say: ' Tangerine Dream —those krautrock  innovators turned new-age synth wallpaperists— picked an amazing venue for a show in December, 1974: Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral; which had historically hosted the coronations of French Kings. Unfortuna