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Murder Murder - Darling West - Men of North Country - A Valley Son

Murder Murder - I've Always Been a Gambler. Background - Murder Murder is a full string band with suitcase percussion who create a unique blend of bluegrass and outlaw country.  The new single/video "I've Always Been A Gambler" is the first from their upcoming LP Wicked Lines and Veins which will be released this September. The track is a fast-paced, dobro-driven song about an angry drifter in a card game who can’t stand the sight of the man across the table from him. While an original tune, it references two classic gambling folk songs - “Jack of Diamonds” and “The Cuckoo”. Facebook here . Natural "outlaw country" style vocals are supported by some fabulous music on 'I've Always Been a Gambler' a trailblazing song, which as the song title and video pretty much confirms - is about gambling. Even if this type of music isn't usually your "thing", give it a listen just to appreciate the intricate and vibrant musicianship.