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Kelseidoscope - K Michelle DuBois - Quiet Marauder - Borito - Emily Coupe - Charlotte Spiral

Kelseidoscope - Wouldya Bee? Kelseidoscope has released her latest single, ‘Wouldya Bee.’ The track, performed and written by Kelseidoscope and produced by Randy Kalsi is available on all streaming platforms today February 12th. This latest single explores the importance of harmony in the world, and features Kelseidoscope’s cheerful vocals, along with her ukulele playing, to create a sweet and freeing soundscape that we all need in 2021. “The chorus of Wouldya Bee first came to me while on a date at a bee sanctuary but I didn't finish the song until years later. For a long time I thought romantic relationships were a distraction from personal and spiritual development, until I later realized love can be one of the greatest motivators,” says Kelseidoscope. “Similarly to how the teamwork of bees makes the sweetness of honey, the sacred bond of a loving relationship can overflow to bring more sweetness into the world at large. Shortly after I came to these realizations I decided to fi

Alpines - K Michelle DuBois - Teenage Wedding

Alpines - Out Of View. Background - Alpines’ third album Full Bloom is the high watermark of their career so far. It’s the consolidation of years of hard graft, as Bob Matthews and Catherine Pockson’s creative journey finds affirmation in staying true to their musical process. Alpines’ story is one of unwavering determination; after their initial tenure on a major label ended, they persevered to self-release their debut album Oasis, which proved to be a testament to their musical strength and craft. If their enchanting indie follow-up Another River saw the pair finding a new path, new album Full Bloom is a creative blossoming. While their core influences have always revolved around the music they grew up listening to, Full Bloom is confidently eclectic in its frame of reference and comes across as their most sure-footed work yet. Prince, Aaliyah, Frank Ocean, Lauryn Hill, Aretha Franklin, Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, Kelela, ‘90s rave culture and Massive Attack are just some of the muses