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Amy Stroup - Claudia Cappelletti - Jeremie Albino

Amy Stroup - Valley. Since Frank, indie singer-songwriter Amy Stroup's fourth solo album, out June 23, works to find a way to be okay on the inside; relatably, Stroup struggles with the heaviness that lives inside all of us—and then finds a way to move beyond it. “Valley,” out now, introduces listeners to the album with its resplendent strings, and posits the idea that shifting perspectives and remembering small joys, like the people (and pets) we love, can be the key to creating a calm inner life. Since Frank and its 10 songs find a cohesive sound thanks to producer Chad Copelin (LANY, Broncho, Ben Rector) and his expert hand at transforming live tracking into an expansive finished product, with drums by James McAlister (The National, Taylor Swift, Sufjan Stevens). Known for her ability to tap into rich, emotional honesty and vivid storytelling, Stroup wrote these songs with herself in mind—a change from the hundreds she's written for TV and film. The self-proclaimed “song fa

The Pairs - Amy Stroup

The Pairs - Superhuman. Tied together by family and soaring harmonies, The Pairs share stories of life's hope, hilarity, and hardship. Pull up a seat around their lively kitchen table for a unique blend of music that will hug your eardrums and make you want to groove. A smattering of feelings and self-doubt, "Superhuman" tells a personal yet relatable story of realizing how we get caught up in the way we're being perceived by others instead of truly experiencing life and all the feelings that come with living. We're not perfect, so why do we put so much energy towards trying to convince people that we are? This song marks the intention to try and drop the hyper perfectionism and accept ourselves as fallible and human. "Superhuman" reminds us that we can be wrong, that we can make mistakes, that we can say things that hurt people, and that none of that makes us bad people, or unlovable. ====================================================================