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Astrid Swan - ADAM & ELVIS - La Bonte - Nichole Wagner

Astrid Swan - Not Your Mom. Quite a touching story – Astrid Swan will release what is her 5th studio album in October this year. After being shortlisted for the Nordic Music Prize and a second nomination for a Finnish Grammy, Astrid has put together what may well be her final group of songs in what is a lullaby to her daughter to grow up with. To give a little more context, in 2019, Swan published a memoir Viimeinen kirjani, which touches on her personal experiences of mothering, artistic development, life with metastatic breast cancer, analysing the contexts of feminism, class, whiteness, Finnish and American cultural confluence, romance and illness culture. Speaking about the new record, Astrid said, “Mothers sleep at night (or at least wish to). In their sleep they cannot mother, because they go away into dreams, just like the kids they tucked into bed in the evening. At night mothers are adrift in the world, they have their secrets, their past selves and their current desires. In

Emily Keener - Matt Harlan - Emerald Park - Adam & Elvis

Emily Keener releases 'Do You Love Me Lately' this coming Friday and we have to go back almost three years since we last featured her. Ahead of her new album due in May this is a gentle introduction, the vocals are beautiful and shine above a restrained musical backdrop. === Matt Harlan releases 'Best Beasts' his brand new album comprising of thirteen really fine songs. The songwriter mixes personal observations with some refined musical arrangements that are natural and easily connect with the listener. === A couple of weeks back we featured 'Rules Don't Apply from Emerald Park and now we have a video for 'The Haze' also taken from their impressive brand-new E.P 'Basement Sessions'. === Since 2016 Adam & Elvis have appeared here on four occasions and the fifth is for 'Bedwetters' an alt rocker that finds the band in marvelous form with this rather intriguing song. -----------------------------------------------------------------

Adam & Elvis (Premiere) - Steve Hewitt - The Golden Dregs

It's with pleasure for Beehive Candy to premiere the brand new single for Adam & Elvis namely 'Dr Bad Touch'. We've featured the band a few times in the past and it's fascinating to see how their music has developed. With the latest song we have something of a musical extravaganza, the dark humour, the slow pulsating rhythm and the anthem like chorus line all fuse together beautifully, catch them live if you can. Steve Hewitt shares 'Pieces' a sophisticated modern folk piece which includes the complemetary vocal harmonies from country trio Orfila, add in the charming video and this song does indeed stand out. The Golden Dregs have released 'Clarksdale MS' as a tatse of what to expect from their soon to be released 'Hope is for the Hopeless' album. The distinctive vocals and refined musical backdrop are splendid on this bluesy and relaxed song. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Adam & Elvis - Cara Salimando

Adam & Elvis - Modern Hitz / Thick Bob. Background - The Reading (Berkshire, UK) band have performed their adventurous, singularly intense live shows on the same bill as Fat White Family, The Zombies and The Correspondents, and garnered resounding praise for their blistering debut single, ‘Hanging Tree’, taken from their first long-player, Through Snow and Small Talk, to be released on the band’s own DIY Freak Power label in the autumn of 2017. It’s an album fizzing with ideas and energy, capturing Adam & Elvis in all their irreverent, witty and experimental glory, the sound of a group that have come of age and are proving as hard to pigeonhole as they are to ignore. About ‘Modern Hitz’ We’ve all been there. Another Saturday night enduring identikit clubs, watery drinks and cheesy chart music in the vain hope of stumbling across a special someone. It’s a state of affairs that Adam & Elvis sum up with characteristically mischievous prose in ‘Modern Hitz’, inspired, as v

Trudy and the Romance - WellBad - Adam & Elvis - M.I.L.K.

Trudy and the Romance - Is There A Place I Can Go. Background - Somewhere among the daydreamers and heartbreakers, beauty queens and jock teens, Trudy and the Romanceare looking to lure you into their suitably skewed, cinematic world. On new single Is There A Place I Can Go’, the trios dubbed Mutant 50s Pop takes a more contemplative turn. The single is part of their Junkyard Jazz EP, which will be released through B3SCI on November the 17th.  From character creation to alter-ego exploration, Trudys overtly-romanticised, technicolour realm runs deep. Like David Lynch dicing and splicing Walt Disney film reels, Junkyard Jazz EP is a larger-than-life introduction to their saccharine sound, right through to the Grease-style illustrations by LA-based artist Hello Thunderpuss. Their upcoming Junkyard Jazz EP - recorded in former vicarage, Stockports Eve studios with producer David Pye - takes its title from another genre they use to describe their seemingly hotchpotch influences. “Ou

More Weekend Wonders: Hajk - Adam & Elvis - ACES - Eric Frisch - Imaginary People

Hajk - Magazine. Background - With ‘Magazine’, Hajk have emerged with an off-beat, honest, creation that clicks into place and somehow combines the smooth and the sharp into a perfectly complete electro-pop song that casts a mischievous glance at influences such as Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Dirty Projectors and ANIMA!. This single is guided by the swirling yet magnetic vocals of Preben Sælid Andersen and Sigrid Aase, and kept tight by the tight rhythms and musicality of Preben Andersen. An infectious melody with glimpses of bands such as Phoenix, ‘Magazine’ is a song that simply won’t slip out of your head easily. Songwriter Preben Andersen (also a member of Norwegian label mates Death By Unga Bunga) describes the track himself as “a quirky and dreamy love song about frustration and how that will ultimately lead to procrastination. There are a lot of different sounds and textures coming in and out throughout the track, and we hope that it will make people want to listen to it ove