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Nicolette Larson - Strawberry Music Festival 1986.

This is a recording of Nicolette Larson performing at the Strawberry Music Festival, Camp Mather, Yosemite, CA, USA back on August 29th, 1986. Nicolette Larson is perhaps best known for her work in the late 1970s with Neil Young, as well as her 1978 cover of Young's "Lotta Love". The song, her debut single, was a Number One Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks hit and number 8 pop hit that year. It was followed by four more Adult Contemporary hits, two of which were also minor pop hits. Nicolette's work with Emmylou Harris on the album Luxury Liner (1977) prominently showcased her on the cut "Hello Stranger" and led to her meeting Harris' associate and friend Linda Ronstadt who became friends with Nicolette . In the spring of 1977 Nicolette was at Ronstadt's Malibu home when neighbor Neil Young phoned to ask Ronstadt if she could recommend a female vocal accompanist, and Ronstadt suggested Larson, becoming the fifth person that day to put Larson's