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Ann'so M - Fine China - The Beaucrees - Earth Girl Helen Brown

Ann'so M - Screw You. Background - Ann'so M in a few references: A electro-pop-rock duo not soft knee, sung by an artist reminiscent of a French Pat Benatar. Many concerts given in jails, festivals, Coffee Scenes ... Prestigious collaborations including a very nervous song that has benefited from the talent of Louis Bertignac (Telephone). Captivating riffs and a groaning six-string, all led by a voice, that of a flayed skin, with an engaged pen. "Au coeur du système" Inspired by the events of recent years, Ann'so M offers five assertive songs raging and addictive to heady melodies. Five years after "Dans des artères", Ann'so enchants on some titles in the language of Shakespeare. From her frenglish accent, she claims her continentalism. This EP is an invitation to think for yourself. "At a time when social networks can reveal themselves as a source of the most precarious thoughts, is religion an obstacle to reason? In the same way, the man is