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Selci - Home Counties - Fassine - Beauty Pill

Selci has just shared 'Hide Forever' following on from 'Strangers' which we shared last month, her creative alt pop taking a slower, moody electro pop direction on this occasion. === Bristol, England band Home Counties have released 'Redevelopment' which is a vibrant and addictive indie rocker. === Last month we shared 'Magpie' from Fassine who return for a sixth time on Beehive Candy with 'Max' an atmospheric and more electronic piece, from this imaginative trio. === Released today Beauty Pill share 'Please Advise' a creative and highly individual piece, that exudes intrigue. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Selci - Hide Forever. Calgary soundscaper Selci is returning with the languid electro-R&B number, “Hide Forever,” which will appear on her second EP in less than a year, A SOFT PLACE. As the world is gripped by the Coronavirus pandemic, the track’s message of fin

Fassine - Penniless Cove - Stumbleine

Fassine return here for a fifth time with 'Magpie' a song that sees the trio drifting into a more dream pop orientated mode and doing so with characteristic style and imagination. === We have the new album entitled 'Onion Peel' from Penniless Cove and it really is an impressive collection of quite unique songs, sometimes lighter and sometimes more dark folk in nature, but always consistently special. === Ahead of his seventh album ‘Sink Into The Ether’ Stumbleine has released 'Supermodels' and it's a gorgeous dreamy and melodic affair from this talented and creative UK producer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fassine - Magpie. Asserting a fierce electronic element to their acclaimed pop formula, London industrial-pop trio Fassine will release new album FORGE on March 27 via Trapped Animal Records & Cargo Records. Previously released lead album track “Bloom” is the band’s response to th

Fassine - Les Flâneurs (Feat Hanna Turi) - HMS Morris

Fassine make their fourth appearance on Beehive Candy with the brand new song 'Bloom' ahead of the third album 'Forge' due in March, the track mixing a powerful chorus with more melodic and beautiful vocals. === Les Flâneurs has released 'Your Days' which features the impressive and delightful vocals of Hanna Turi, plus the fabulously arranged musicianship of Alex Marchetti. === HMS Morris new single is 'Babanod' (meaning Babies) the Welsh language song is passionate and expansive, the music growing in depth, the hooks building throughout. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fassine - Bloom. Fassine’s third album FORGE (March 27), and first on Trapped Animal Records & Cargo Records, is a tribute to the unassuming heroes on the fringes of society. New single ‘Bloom’, out today, is a response to the obsession of perceived beauty in perfection. Addressing this disconnect, the band asks if

Charli Adams - West Wind - Sea Wolf - Walter Martin - Margot - Fassine - The Hempolics - Aqua Seca

Charli Adams may be a newcomer (I'm quoting below) however 'Backseat' is a confident and imaginative alt rocker of sorts that exudes class. === West Wind share 'River' the band only formed last year however this is a smooth and tight musical excursion that takes dance music close to the border with sophisticated rock. === Four years on and Sea Wolf returns with 'Fear Of Failure' an indie rock song with a good helping of folk sensibilities. === Songwriter and a creative one at that Walter Martin shares the delightful and extremely catchy 'That's All I Need' an exotic song that conjures up so many fine mental images. === From South London we have the five piece band Margot with 'In Your Palm' a dreamy, laid back and lush song oozing class. === Known for their cinematic pop Fassine have just released the rather gorgeous song entitled 'Limbs' - expect a whole load of beautiful musical hooks. === With a stylish video The Hempolics in

Hero Fisher - Reckless Jacks - Fassine

Hero Fisher - Sylvie. Background - British-born, French-raised and London-based, Hero Fisher (yes, that’s her real name) is returning to release her sophomore LP Glue Moon. Hero’s career has so far seen her collaborate with Alison Mosshart and Boy George in the Mark Ronson-scored ballet Carbon Life, open for The Rolling Stones and Neil Young at Hyde Park, and got shortlisted for the 2014 Glastonbury Emerging Talent Prize. In 2015 she released her debut album, the critically-appraised Delivery which won her fans in The Horrors and Blur.  By turns a blistering rock and roller in the vein of Patti Smith and PJ Harvey, and an experimental folk storyteller à la Jeff Buckley, Hero Fisher resists easy generic categorisation with her protean and filmic musical storytelling. Able to expertly strike a variety of different narrative poses, she is at once the spurned lover and the fired-up rabble rouser, the predator and the prey. With Glue Moon lead single ‘Sylvie’ straddling the line betwee

The Last Dinosaur - First Blush - The Human Circuit - Deer Tick - Fassine

The Last Dinosaur - Grow. Background - Poignant, dreamlike, beautiful: The Last Dinosaur’s The Nothing is a record to swim in. The brainchild of Londoner Jamie Cameron, it’s an album that addresses a tragic event from his teenage years, and transmutes that experience into a cathartic work of art. At 16, Jamie had met kindred spirit James Macdonald at music college and recorded the 2004 album Good Morning Sunshine… and Goodnight with him under the name When I Was a Little Girl, a well-received debut through the independent label Where It’s At Is Where You Are. But a year later, Jamie was in a car crash that tragically claimed the life of his best friend. Out for the day with one of Jamie’s sisters and another friend, the car aquaplaned and hit another car at a junction. James’ injuries were the worst among the passengers, and when he passed away, Jamie was in a state of shock. “I’d had a pretty idyllic life until then, nothing particularly bad had happened,” Jamie says. “That wa