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Faultress - Kindsight - The Gina Furtado Project

Faultress returns with her new E.P 'Creatures'. We featured her a few times last year and are delighted to share this creative and imaginative new collection of songs. === Kindsight are a new band from Copenhagen and have just released the gorgeous and melodic indie pop track 'Who Are You'. === The Gina Furtado Project return a month after we first featured them with 'Alley Cat' a vibrant and extremely catchy bluegrass song. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Faultress - Creatures (E.P). “I know we’ve all felt this, but the aching dullness of being locked away for months has gnawed away at me, unable to see so many people I love, unable to create. I sat alone for weeks in a fairly broken bout of depression when one day went to the park, and as I watched the birds and the insects around me, these 4 songs poured out of me. The creatures I saw around me put a shape and words to my thoughts and feelin

Thyla - Faultress - HEBE

Thyla return just a few weeks after sharing 'Two Sense'. This time we have 'Lenox Hill', where the band are a little less post punk and a tad more indie rock, the melodic vocals supported by a solid rock backdrop ensuring once again that they stand well out in the crowd. === Faultress has released her '5 Myths' E.P. Having already featured four of the songs we now complete the set with a video for 'Icarus' and have also added the full collection below, needless to say the final song is also something beautiful. === HEBE has released a video for 'Hunting Me' the electro pop song gains considerable traction with her melodic and soulful vocals and well crafted musical arrangement. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thyla - Lenox Hill. Brighton post-punk prospects Thyla continue their extraordinary rise with searing new cut Lenox Hill, the second track taken from the band’s eagerly antici

Faultress - Two Tribes - Cousin Kula - Dee Lunar

Faultress were featured just four weeks ago and now we have a couple more new songs namely 'Sanctury' and 'Hood&Wolf'. It's becoming clear that creativity and originality are something Faultress thrives on, yes the influences are there however that if anything ups the quality, the 5 Myths E.P is sounding good. We have seven minutes of gorgeous dance punk from Two Tribes in the form of 'Videodrone' an epic, addictive and powerful song. Back in May we first featured Cousin Kula with the song 'Stacked' and they now return here with 'Invitation,' a funky psych pop track that exudes warmth and refined melodic hooks. Dee Lunar has shared 'Shapeshifter' which is an imaginative rocker where her fabulous vocals intertwine with a flowing musical backdrop and some slick guitar work adding to the piece. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Faultress - Sanctury / Hood&Wolf.

bdrmm - Madame Psychosis - Faultress - Very Good - The Electric Arch - Kacy & Clayton - Portland

bdrmm first appeared here in October last year and the new song 'Shame' makes for a refreshing return as the mixture of lighter shoegaze and to use their expression ugly pop, works so well together. We have previously shared a couple of songs from Madame Psychosis and the opportunity to present the new album 'Survivor' is to good to pass up on. The band mix alt pop and indie rock together with clarity and passion, they are quite open about their musical influences, yet manage to present a distinct and very fine sound. There are a couple of songs to hear from Faultress namely 'Marilyn' and 'Beating Heart'. Both are notably different, the vocals give some continuity, however the creativity and delivery is outstandingly good. Sean Cronin the man behind Very Good has also shared a couple of tracks recently with 'Ghost Warning' and 'Adulthood' showcasing his off the wall creativity. Genre defying and veering towards experimental at time