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Laddermen - Welcome to the 20's. Two weeks after the release of their second single «Welcome to the 20’s», the band Laddermen (CH/US) delivers the accompanying video clip. In February, Laddermen from Lucerne emerged on the Swiss indie scene with their debut single 'The Huntress Obeyed' and generated radio airplay beginning throughout Europe, finding a home in central America and reuniting with its roots in the States - guitarist and singer Leopold Oakes moved to Switzerland from Texas just a few years ago. Laddermen will release their debut album later this year. Their haunting songwriting and deep dramaturgy, for which they draw inspiration from English bands, should splash the indie scene with another palette of colour. ========================================================================== Pam Setser (Featuring The Isaacs) - Neighbors. Neighbors, is a song that says so much about my life. The lyrics are not just a reference to people who live near you or in your commu

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Hunter Moreau - Hazy. Hunter Moreau believes everyone should strive to be more in touch with the vulnerable parts of themselves. And Hunter Moreau practices what she preaches. Through her music, the soulful pop songstress frequently steps outside of her comfort zone to express the most vulnerable parts of herself, captivating listeners along the way. Her newest single, "Hazy," is no exception. Produced by Doug Schadt (Maggie Rogers, Ashe, SHAED), "Hazy" officially dropped on March 12. "As simple as it may sound, 'Hazy' is about the pure bliss of summer nights," shares Hunter. "Doug and I were reminiscing about stories with friends, both new and old, and the magic that seems to happen on warm nights where nothing seems to really matter. We wrote this song to capture the nostalgia of looking back on those carefree times, and longing for that same feeling again. The feeling that no other moment matters besides right now. The excitement of not ca