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Bob Dylan and George Harrison - Studio Sessions 1970

Reloaded 02/June/2015 - This is another recording, that from what I can work out seems to have been circulated in different forms for many years. Since we originally ran this feature I came across some additional material with two extra songs, so I have added that version as well, as part two below. In addition to the original comments below, other sources have stated that this was very much a Bob Dylan session and George Harrison was an invited support player.  Before the days of The Travelling Wilburys perhaps the various egos still jostled for superiority. Whatever the case it makes for a good listen.  Bob Dylan and George Harrison are remembered for working together in The Traveling Wilburys in the late 1980's, and of course, Bob Dylan's guest appearance at George's 'Concert For Bangladesh' in 1971. This session is from May 1970, when both artists were busy on solo projects. Indeed Bob Dylan released two albums in 1970, 'Self Portrait' and '