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Lesley Barth - Grizzly Coast - Bee Bee Sea - Rett Smith

Lesley Barth is back just a month after we featured 'Woman Looking Back at Me' with the new song 'Nashville' which mixes folk with a good hint of country and sounds beautiful. === Making her fifth appearance on Beehive Candy Grizzly Coast returns with 'Catch and Release' and it's another refined indie rocker where the melodic vocals shine. === We have to go back to 2017 for our only other feature for Bee Bee Sea however it's good our paths have crossed again with 'Daily Jobs' a fiery garage psych track amassed with hooks. === Rett Smith shares the second single, 'Hardship Highways,' from his upcoming album 'Giving Up On Quitting' and it's a lyrically reflective singer-songwriter piece with some good solid rock vibes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lesley Barth - Nashville. We are excited to share the second single, "Nashville" from NYC singer-so

MYNTH - Forever Honey - Lesley Barth - Percy

MYNTH just shared 'Laurel' which is the first single from their third studio album due in September, the song itself is a gorgeous mix of guitar led Electro music and lush vocals. === We had the pleasure of sharing 'Christian' by Forever Honey a few weeks back and they have returned with 'Twenty-Five' which is another refreshing mixture of melodic pop and rock. === Lesley Barth first single from her forthcoming album is 'Woman Looking Back at Me' a hook filled song that combines Blondie style disco beat with reflective lyrics. === UK band Percy just released 'Love Song' accompanied with a video, the bands powerful post punk sound remains intact with addictive vocals, it's a fine taster for their next album ‘Seaside Donkeys’. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MYNTH - Laurel. 'LAUREL’ was out yesterday April 10 and is the first single from MYNTH’s 3rd studio album (SHADES | M

Verge Collection - Lesley Barth - Folia

Verge Collection - So Vain. Background - Off the back of a buzzing sold out national tour for first single 'For The Story', Verge Collection announce their latest tune 'So Vain', from their highly anticipated debut LP 'Flanuer' (out March 30).   The brand new follow up single - which premiered on triple j's Home & Hosed with Dom Alessio on Monday and online with Pilerats yesterday - is a two minute banger that see's the  Perth indie-pop natives flip the bird to judgmental folks. Drawing on an awkward party experience, songwriter and band front-man Ben Arnold finds humour in a petty argument with a pretentious party-goer where he claims he "was getting razzed by someone that had a superiority complex." 'So Vain' acts as a helping hand, urging the listener to move towards something bigger; something greater than the predictable sameness of current life. With a presence that's cemented itself wholly in the suburban Australian wh

Quality Not Quantity: Freedom Fry - Gillies Daddy - Lesley Barth

Freedom Fry - Awake. Background - Freedom Fry is about to release a ton of great new music to follow up last year’s “Shaky Ground” single which is approaching 6M plays on Spotify, leading up to their debut album, and here’s the first single of the year. Prior to the release, “Awake” has been synced already in a handful of places including the Netflix show “Love” and the film “Baby Baby Baby.” The name “Freedom Fry” – a satire on French/US relations during the Iraq war. The French & American duo have racked up over 40 appearances on the music blog aggregator, including SEVEN Top 10s and TWO #1s. While independent, they’ve amassed over 20-million combined streams on Spotify & SoundCloud and received support across airwaves from radio tastemakers KCRW, KEXP, BBC Radio 2, Radio 6, SIRIUS XM, WXPN, RTL2, and beyond. Freedom Fry’s music, which heavily bleeds the warmth and sunshine of their home state of California, skirts the lines between pop, folk and indie rock – always blende