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Night Flight - Tokyo Tea Room - The Broken Islands - Plaza

Night Flight new single 'David' precedes a new E.P due next February. We featured the band a couple of times last year and the newest track sees the band in thoughtful mode with this tender and beautiful track. === Tokyo Tea Room just released their 'Dream Room' E.P. We have already shared a couple of tracks from it and been very impressed with their psych pop creations, the final two songs are equally refined. === With a rhythmic opening 'Highlife' from The Broken Islands gently builds with melodic vocals before the band unleash a powerful and expansive post rock feel, on this sub six minute feast. === Last month we featured the song 'See' by Plaza as a taster for the new E.P wernotplaza ll. Now with all four songs we find that the quartet are not tied to any one style, indeed they are quite open with their influences and whats more they have served up a very fine collection of songs. ----------------------------------------------------------------

Polyplastic - Night Flight

Polyplastic - My Prescription. Background - LA-based, post-punk band Polyplastic share their music video for "My Prescription" off their just released EP, Not No. Polyplastic is the project of Los Angeles natives Charlie Ellis and Emily Ibarra. Inspired by his time as a welder in North Philadelphia, Ellis’s songwriting is influenced by industrial and post-punk genres, marrying lyrical melodies with angular guitar lines and a driving rhythm section. With a few bare-bones demos, the band started playing shows in LA and touring the US, supporting acts such as Wolf Alice, Ryley Walker, Draemings, and Tennis System. Polyplastic have released a few one off singles over the past few months, leading up to the release of their EP, Not No, due out June 29th. The band will be touring nationally, in support of the EP. TWITTER . Earlier this month we shared 'Next Slide' by Polyplastic and commented that - "The band develop intriguing post punk orientated music where th

My Pleasure - King of the Travellers - The Rivers - Night Flight

My Pleasure - These Things Take Time. Background - My Pleasure says of the upcoming album: "It's only been six months since my first album came out, but I wanted to deliver on my promise to myself to release as many albums as possible before I die. This one is called Mostly Happy because I am mostly happy with the album, and I'm mostly happy with life." And with regards to the single: "These Things Take Time refers to all manner of trivial things, but generally it's about trying to be patient whenever you feel held back. And seeing as the song features a reference to family, the recording has my partner, daughter and stepdaughter joining me on vocals. It's usually just me in the studio going mad on my own, so it's nice to have a trio of vocalists backing me up for this one." My Pleasure's previous releases, 'Domestic Bliss' (album), 'Party Popper' (an EP) and 'Your House is Made of Nothing and You Are No One' (a c