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Quality Not Quantity: Dear Willow - Heidi Maree - Organised Scum

Dear Willow - When It Burns. Background promo - Birthed from letters to her older self, Dear Willow is the musical project of Sunshine Coast creative Em-J Dau. Following on from last year's debut single 'Father's House', Dear Willow will be launching the moody new single 'When It Burns' at Sunny Coast's premier live hub Solbar, Thursday September 15. Growing up with the arts close to her heart (just short of a family heirloom) has meant that Em-J expressing herself has been a storytelling affair. Dear Willow has been many things, first letters and poetry, then a solo folk acoustic act but it has recently evolved into something bigger than expected. Countless shows, an ever-growing repertoire of material and working with other creative types have helped mould Dear Willow from timid songstress to seasoned performer. While 2015's offering ‘Father’s House’ saw Em-J dabbling in her folky roots, 'When It Burns' has Dear Willow flexing a much more dy