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Thyla - Fanclub - Monako - Blake Jones and The Trike Shop

Thyla make their eighth appearance on Beehive Candy with the song 'December' released today. This is a band that have consistently impressed us as they take alt rock and post punk in so many exciting directions, always with feeling and creativity. === Fanclub make their third appearance here with the brand new song 'Trespassing' the indie pop band taking a more rocky edge without losing their smooth melodic sound. === Canadian - German dream pop band Monako share their new track 'Aside' a gently paced song that has depth and emotion, it's less pop and more dreamy if you see what I mean. === Finally today we have Blake Jones and The Trike Shop with 'My Soft Rock Girlfriend'. The song has been around for more than couple of months however it came as part of a compilation album from Big Stir Records ( here ) who have a really supportive approach to the artist they work with, and an exceptional talent at finding fabulous music that can so easily go miss

Fanclub - Blaire - Beverly Kills - Mystery Art Orchestra

'Imprint' from Fanclub is a beautifully flowing song with appealing vocals and a finely arranged musical back drop. With their music aptly described as Punkgaze, Blaire give us 'Mimer' a distinct and hook filled song that helps explain their musics description. Gothenburg’s Beverly Kills might have created a stir locally, however 'In This Dim Light' might well be bright enough (pun intended) for their music to get noticed far and wide. We have the A side and one of the two B sides from Mystery Art Orchestra's new single as the Berlin based band demonstrate just how good their take on post punk music is! Fanclub - Imprint. Fanclub have just shared their new single "Imprint". Fanclub is Mike Lee, Leslie Crunkilton, and Daniel Schmidt from Austin, TX. Mike and Leslie immediately knew they wanted to craft songs driven by their love of all things twee, indie, and dreamy. What they didn’t expect was that the songs would come out as the most matu

Fox and Bones - Fanclub - Margot - Every Kid Knows

Fox and Bones - Better Land (album). Based in Portland, OR, these internationally touring sweethearts aren't your average duo. Rather than simply documenting their experiences in song, Sarah Vitort and Scott Gilmore write from the perspective of quasi-fictional characters. There’s Fox, a down-and-out it girl, and Bones, a rootless orphan bad boy with a heart of gold. The two fall for each other, decide to hit the road, and never look back. The characters, as well as their real-life counterparts, use music as the canvas on which they paint a new life together that defies traditional relationship roles and life goals. Their music is ripe with vocal harmonies that pull at the heartstrings and a complex, at times metaphysical, lyrical landscape. Each element serves their stories of a life lived on the road, in pursuit of a dream that most never have the courage to chase. Live, they give audiences a peek into their world and challenge them to believe in life, adventure, and modern l