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The Bats - Elthia - Kindsight

Long standing New Zealand indie band The Bats are back just four weeks after they shared 'Another Door' with the final single a beautiful, mellow and moving piece called 'Gone To Ground' taken from their upcoming 'Foothills' album due next month. ===== Elthia is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles who has just released 'i love you, but you make me cry'. Her defined and pleasing vocals give the track distinction, with the melody and rhythms adding even more hooks. ===== Kindsight are a new band from the Copenhagen indie scene who this week share their second single 'Terminal Daze', which is an original, melodic and refreshingly catchy track.  =================================================== The Bats - Gone To Ground. The Bats have unveiled their final single ‘Gone To Ground’ from upcoming album Foothills — out November 13th via Flying Nun Records. ‘Gone To Ground’ is a moving, moody song from the never-ending pen of Robert Scott and sees

Flora Hibberd - Lone Kodiak - The Bats

Flora Hibberd is back with a new single and video for 'I'm Gonna Leave You' ahead of next Friday's 'Archipelago' E.P release. Last year we had the pleasure of featuring Flora on four occasions and the new collection of songs showcases her wonderfully distinctive vocals alongside some beautiful musical arrangements. === Lone Kodiak deliver some powerful alt rock with their new song 'PDX '97'. It has all the vital ingredients for a stadium style sing-along anthem, and plenty of passion to reinforce the piece. === Back in 2017 we shared a couple of fine songs from The Bats and the long standing New Zealand indie band are back with 'Another Door' where their ability to create fresh new and fabulous songs remains intact.  =================================================== Flora Hibberd – I'm Gonna Leave You. Flora Hibberd was born in London and lives in Paris. In 2019 she released her debut EP, The Absentee, with London-based indie Clearlig

The Bats - AyOwA - Skelhorn

The Bats - Busy. Background - New Zealand indie-pop legends The Bats started the year off by releasing their ninth album, The Deep Set, and now they finish it with a new video. Directed by Marc Swadel it sees the four-piece performing the track 'Busy' (off The Deep Set) in Christchurch Emigre, James Atkinson's, practice room under the arches of London's Haggerston Station.  Filmed the day before their final show in the Tufnel Dome, the onscreen triptych also features footage from around London during the band's UK/EU summer tour earlier this year. "Marc Swadel has done an amazing job of editing together band footage with some “busy” film of London's underground and overground using a wide triptych format" - Paul Kean, The Bats. BANDCAMP , WEBSITE . It was back in February of this year that we first featured The Bats. The band end 2017 with a new video for 'Busy', another refined song from the album 'The Deep Set' where indie po

Saturday Five: Liam Bryant & The Handsome Devils - Foster Olson - Mark Thirkell - La Bête Blooms - The Bats

Liam Bryant & The Handsome Devils - Her Name Means Grace. Background - Accompanied by his trusty acoustic foot stomp box, “Stompy” and his foot tambourine, “Tamby", Liam recorded his debut album, The Pessimist & The Optimist at Airlock Studios in Samford Valley with Producer Yanto Browning (Art of Sleeping, Kate Miller- Heidke). The album has been mastered by the ARIA winning William Bowden (Gotye). To complete the album, Liam invited a very talented bunch of musicians named The Handsome Devils who each brought with them their instrument of choice (electric guitar, bass, keys and drums). Their contribution brought great power, dynamic and space to the album recording and has certainly given their live show a devilish amount of depth. The first single, ‘Her Name Means Grace’ delves into a theme everyone in this world can relate to, love, and so when the time came to storyboard for the animated film clip, Liam knew exactly which story to base the animation on, arguably th