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The Trouble Notes - Jake Thistle - The Legendary Ten Seconds

The Trouble Notes - Never Dream Alone (featuring Carola Zerega & Freddy Dubois). The Trouble Notes’ “Never Dream Alone” is a fantastical folk-pop ode to dreamers inspired by the cosplay community. Sitting between traditional folk, modern classical, and tribal dance music, The Trouble Notes have released their new fantasy-tinged folk-pop anthem “Never Dream Alone” Written for and filmed at the 2022 Summer edition of Elfia, Europe's largest outdoor Cosplay festival, the video showcases the energy of the song with vibrant visuals and eclectic costumes - inspiring listeners to embrace their dreams and imagination A call to embrace the fantastic, wonderful and weird, “Never Dream Alone” showcases the band’s quintessential classical-cross-over style, holding elements of an epic film score within the structure of a modern Folk Pop song. The fantasy-tinged violin melodies and string arrangements are a nod to the epic scores of the genre, while the operatic vocals of Carola Zerega and