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Aistè - Where You're Going Today. Rising independent pop powerhouse and 2021 One To Watch Aistè has released new single ‘Where You're Going Today,’ premiered on Hayes FM, and the accompanying official music video, premiered on A1234. Completed during lockdown, both the track and the video are entirely written and produced by Aistè herself. The gorgeous visuals for ‘Where You're Going Today’ see Aistè reconnect with the pure and uncontaminated freedom, both physical and creative, that she found herself drawn to during the pandemic. While waiting out the stay-at-home orders in her hometown in Lithuania, she started exploring her connection with the innocent child that she once was, free from the routines and chaotic energy of her daily life back in London. She found inspiration in the introspective and nostalgic feelings that surfaced, and this, combined with the creativity and restlessness that burst at her seams while in lockdown, produced a powerful moment of soul-searchi