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Grizzly Coast - Sera - Priestgate - Hannah Georgas

Grizzly Coast makes her seventh appearance on Beehive Candy with a new video for 'Lonely Planet', we've said many positive things about her superb indie rock, this song makes for a solid reminder why. === Sera is another artist who has impressed us on a number of occasions before and the new song 'Switch' continues that trend as the singer songwriter's distinctive style really pleases. === Priestgate recently shared 'Now' and the five piece Yorkshire, England band sound so good, refreshing and powerful that this is a fabulous song to be heard far and wide. === Hannah Georgas new song 'Just A Phase' sees the artist continue to release refined new music, her vocals shining above a sophisticated musical arrangement. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Grizzly Coast - Lonely Planet. Late last summer, Alannah Kavanaugh (Grizzly Coast) and her partner bought a Volvo, named it Ducky, and

Sera - Zoë Phillips - The Just Joans - Frank Mighty's Hotline

Sera is an artist we last featured in June and who has now shared a video for 'Into The Woods'. I loved 'Rabbit Hole' and the new song is truly on a par with that, as the singer songwriters talents continue to shine. === Softly opening the new song 'Numb by Zoë Phillips slowly builds into a melodic, charming and personal sounding affair. === This makes it three songs in three months on Beehive Candy as The Just Joans release 'Wee Guys (Bobby's Got a Punctured Lung)' another fabulous track and teaser for the album 'The Private Memoirs and Confessions of the Just Joans'. === Last Friday Frank Mighty's Hotline released 'What am I to do' an organic and restrained rock piece where John Traboulsi's vocals are just perfect. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sera - Into The Woods. 'Into the Woods' is the follow-up to Sera's acclaimed 'Rabbit Hole' single

Curse Of Lono - Kidsmoke - Dani Taylor - SERA - Go Gracious

It would appear we are averaging an appearance per year with Curse Of Lono , a band who consistently impressed me with their highly refined style of Americana. The latest material recorded in a live setting at Toe Rag Studios is stunning and hopefully will see the band reach an even bigger audience, they deserve that at the very least. We featured Kidsmoke a couple of times last year and their latest offering 'She Takes You Under' is a refreshing indie song, their melodic hooks are intact and make this song shine. Dani Taylor has shared 'Hello Dallas' a beautiful country song with some fine roots feeling countered with a more modern singer-songwriter vibe. 'Rabbit Hole' from SERA has an excellent musical arrangement that complements her vocals as both elements sync together on this hook fuelled song, where the momentum seemingly builds and builds. Go Gracious have a slightly crazy video for 'Solid Influence' a song that stands out with define

Sundays Finest: Sera - Emma Elisabeth - VACAY - Mount Song

Sera - Doctor. Background - Sera, an alternative pop/rock band from Brisbane, are proud to announce the release of their upcoming EP Call Me Up. The band debuted in February 2016 with their first single “Doubt Around Me”, a swing-pop track that got people singing and earned rotation on 4ZZZ and attention with 96.5FM. Since their launch, they have released 3 singles and in late 2016 returned to the studio to record their debut EP, Call Me Up. The EP was recorded at Airlock Studios with producer Yanto Browning of The Medics, Kate Miller-Heidke and Art of Sleeping fame and was named for the EP’s focus on confidence and encouraging people to step up and make it happen. The songs chosen for the EP were their favourites from the newest material, and ‘Doctor’ is the lead single and first taste of the EP. As close friends, they have been playing together for a decade, initially playing a sound resembling Regina Spektor crossed with Paramore. Their songwriting has developed since the band’s