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Canary Islands - Everett Bird - Bryde

Canary Islands - Glöm Baby Glöm. Background - Swedish Canary Islands, consisting of members from Animal Five, are now en route to a new album release. They have previously released music under their own format ”3P”: 3 songs, recorded in 3 days, released as a long triple song.They released 3 of these 3P’s in one year. ”Glöm baby Glöm” is the first single from their upcoming album, and it’s a straight forward and dreamy pop song: ”Glöm baby Glöm' is about a person that breaks up with someone they love above all because they deserve that kind of love.” - Martin von Inghardt. FACEBOOK . 'Glöm Baby Glöm' is a smooth flowing indie pop song that is beautifully crafted. The vocals are natural and pleasing regardless of any language barrier, the music is vibrant and equally charming. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everett Bird - Bucket of Dark Meat. Background from Everett B