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Gibson Wilbanks - Sammy Miller and The Congregation - 222 - Bad Wolf

Taken from their self titled debut album we have selected 'Oh Sweet Baby' by Gibson Wilbanks to focus on (plus it's one of my favourites on the album), their description as a back porch folk-soul duo is kind of confirmed by the album, Americana might be more straight forward, whatever it's a grand collection of music. === Sammy Miller and The Congregation just shared 'Shine' as a taster for next February's debut album and it's a gorgeous, playful and fabulously arranged song. === If you wanna know what dance rock sounds like then 222 and 'Reimagine Me' sorts that one out, and it's pretty catchy to say the least. ===If you are going to do a cover version then putting your own stamp on it, is for me crucial and Bad Wolf do just that with their imaginative interpretation of The Cures 'Love Song'. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Gibson Wilbanks - Oh Sweet Baby. The debut