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Pike & Sutton - Californiosos - Hannah Georgas - Grace Gillespie - Jett Kwong

Pike & Sutton have really impressed me these last couple of months and return for a third time this year with 'Let The Music Get You High' and once again their soulful vocals and bluesy rock feel are just incredible. === Californiosos have released 'Captain's Got A Brand New Heart' with a suitably matched video. Their described as psych-jazz-folk duo, the song explains that wonderful combination, better than I can. === We have the latest single from   Hannah Georgas entitled 'That Emotion' where her melodic vocals and a refined rhythmic backdrop work beautifully together. === We featured Grace Gillespie twice last year and now we have her latest song 'Goodbye' and it's an intimate, exquisite folk singer-songwriter piece. === Jett Kwong just released 'Tokyo Bath' and it's a sultry, emotional and personal song with a fabulously arranged musical backdrop. ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jade Jackson - The Warp/The Weft - Burton Gaar - The Cravens - Jett Kwong

Less than a month since sharing 'Bottle It Up' from her forthcoming 'Wilderness' album Jade Jackson returns with 'Secret' another fabulously crafted song, that raises anticipation even higher for what's to follow. It's almost two years since The Warp/The Weft appeared here, and with 'A Sun Filled Room' they are more than welcome back! Their modern take on folk music is tinged with the traditional past and yet roams between psychedelic and folk rock, this is a band that deserve wider attention. Black and Tan Records have shared some excellent blues songs from the late Burton Gaar . Blues fans from any era should gain some pleasure from this material and if the genre is not normally your thing, take a dip into this mans music, it is quite something. Grab your 'Early Bird Special' here as The Cravens have rediscovered some material from 2009, and not surprisingly shared it. Why? well this is a very fine collection of songs, it's