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Mangoseed - Ben McKelvey

Mangoseed have shared a video for 'Still Believe' of which vocalist Nicholai La Barrie comments - “This video is our homage to our mothers and grandmothers, and a calling out of the Home Office for turning its back on the immigrants who built the country. The woman in the video spent all her adult life in and paid taxes in a country that is sending her away. The legacy of the Empire is that the people you ruled come to live next to you, they are you.  And the video is about the importance of community, against the backdrop of a country that is actively breaking the community.” Ben McKelvey is a notable folk rock musician with the song 'Wild Child' pushing the rock aspect to the fore with a feisty uptempo and very catchy vibe. Mangoseed - Still Believe. About ‘Still Believe’ - “I am pondering the world we are in and looking at the chaos and uncertainty of it all. And in America, where once Martin Luther King dreamed, it feels like that dream is lost to tyrants, r