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Gram Parsons - The Lost Rehearsals Tape 1972.

This is a fascinating selection of Gram Parsons rehearsal tapes from 1972, and I will quote a little from the liner notes that accompanied this CD version which surfaced on 'Golden Eagle Records' in the USA in 2003. I have included a separate file with the artwork and notes as these are well worth a read. The record companies holding Gram Parson's material have more or less exhausted what material there is from his sadly short life and as Chris who provided these recordings to me pointed out (by the way, thanks Chris) a lot of the bootleg material for Gram Parsons is of fairly average audio quality. The five audio tapes that this CD was compiled from, were included in an auction lot at Christies that was bought by one of Gram Parsons biggest fans and were part of a selection of Gram's personal belongings that went to auction. The five cassettes dated from 1972 and include Emmylou Harris and others on some of the tracks that were most likely recorded through a

Flying Burrito Brothers - High Lonesome Sound 1969.

This is The Flying Burrito Brothers performing live at the Seattle Pop Festival held at Woodenville, Washington on July 27th 1969 (tracks 1-15) and additional material from a gig in Wynona, Minnesota in May 1970 (tracks 16-21). This bootleg was called "The High Lonesome Sound of The Flying Burrito Brothers" and was originally released on Gold Standard (Scorpio Records). The history of the Flying Burrito Brothers is long and checkered. The definitive line-up began with two ex-Byrds, Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman, and soon added a third, Michael Clarke. Both Gene Clark and David Crosby guested on recordings by the Burritos. Gene Parsons and Skip Battin would play with subsequent incarnations of the group. Indeed, the band went through a ridiculous number of iterations over the years, many of which had only the most tenuous of connections to the definitive Parsons-Hillman line-up. Ironically, even Gram Parsons had a fairly flimsy claim on the name when he took it over f