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Jenny Banai - Anna Erhard - The William Brothers Shipping Company

Jenny Banai makes her fourth appearance here this year with 'Paper Plain' and it's another strikingly impressive modern pop piece. === Anna Erhard just released 'Short Cut' along with a video, it's a catchy, quirky and satisfying song. === The William Brothers Shipping Company new E.P is 'The Cedarhouse Sessions' where acoustic music and splendidly natural vocals come together from this notable indie folk rock band. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jenny Banai - Paper Plain. “Paper Plain,” the newest single from the forthcoming full-length, is a lo-fi conglomeration of bits and pieces. Its simple groove is carried by mostly two chords – not Jenny’s regular style – and has a freeform melody that borders on melodic rap. Jenny Banai blends jazz, folk, and rock into sophisticated pop music that both celebrates and laments the dynamic of human relationships and the relationship with on