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Genre Wander: The Bigness - Oblio - Ceasefire - Phil Gammage - Ben Glover

The Bigness - Beautiful Life. Background promo - “Beautiful Life” emits the purest pleasure, Kristin Bigness’s vocals fully capturing the spectrum of happiness depicted in the lyrics. “Let go,” she sings, “We have a beautiful life.” Surrounded by a full band comprised of her husband and long-time friends, Kristin and the rest of The Bigness pay perfect tribute to the 70's greats who inspired them. Truly a work of love, “Beautiful Life” is a refreshing, positive sensibility in Rock. The Bigness draws its inspiration from the greats, such as Patti Smith, Neil Young and many others, and has been compared to a modern-day Fleetwood Mac. Lead singer Kristin Bigness delivers a soaring yet sultry vocal on a bed of screaming guitars and pick-driven bass plucking, all woven around rock drums. From its modest beginnings as Kristin’s solo project, The Bigness has evolved into a leading-edge indie rock ensemble with an international sensibility and obvious undertones of the 60s and 70s. Con

Genre Wander: Beauty Sleep - Qlaye Face - Jacob Moore - Oblio

Beauty Sleep - Living Right. Background promo - Like the changing of the days in Belfast, Beauty Sleep’s new single is very much in a different season to the bands debut back in winter, suitably named ‘The Dark’. As the days are significantly longer right now, new single and sophomore effort ‘Living Right’ drives away from the melancholy tones and melodies of the bands debut effort whilst keeping the dreamy, chorus infused guitars and hazy vocals that are becoming a trademark for this Northern Irish export. Ryan McGroarty, Cheylene Murphy and Aimee Williamson’s obsession with fuzzy synths and dream inspired pop music continues to show the bands ability to compete in the one of music’s newest trendsetting genres. ‘The Dark’ was described as “a mix of Phoenix and Beach House and occupies the dreamy end of the guitar-pop spectrum.”(The Irish Times) and won the support of a host of tastemaker press and BBC 1 Radio support. The tone was seemingly set for Beauty Sleep. But if ‘The Dark’