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Martin Tillman - Superhuman (New Album)

Martin Tillman - Notes Towards The Universe. Background words - More than any other form of art, music transports us from the physical plane to a realm of reflection, dreams and excitement. Yet at the same time, we find ourselves swaying to the melody, if not dancing wildly to its rhythms. Such is the power of listening to Martin Tillman’s “Superhuman” a soundtrack for the composer’s upbeat imagination that rocks with his sense of stylistic and technological exploration, while jetting down to the EDM Earth his tunes encourage us to leap from. Mind and body are one as Tillman elevates body and soul in “Superhuman,” lighting a stylistic path with his distinctive fusion of music and movement.    As a world-renowned cellist whose distinctive playing can be heard on such scores as “Black Hawk Down,” “The Ring” and “Batman Trilogy,” Tillman’s equally distinguished career on the concert stage has drawn a number of renowned players to this ambitious project, among them guitarists Michael