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The Side Project feat. Alita Moses - Erin Rae - Berith

The Side Project featuring Alita Moses have shared their gorgeously unique version of  'Redbone'. The saxophone quartet immediately stand out as different by the very nature of their set up, however it's the final product that matters and this really is something else. With the brand new album 'Putting On Airs' by Erin Rae she has thrown down a direct challenge to the stereotype of what a Southern singer should be. Well that's according to the accompanying promo piece, however listening through all the tracks, it's fair to say, she has a point. The music is fresh, the lyrics thoughtful and mature, and the sheer diversity of styles (from indie folk to Americana) impressive, for me the answer to her challenge is simple, there are no stereotypes here. There is an old time feel to 'You Could Be Mine' by Berith as the song opens, however it gradually develops a more current feel, as the musical arrangement expands, and her personal Norwegian roots